VIPAC – Hydrostatic Pressure Test Results

Clause 9.2 of ATS 5200.103:2004 – Hydrostatic Pressure

When subjected to permanent hydrostatic pressure test of 2 +0.1, −0 MPa at the manufacturer’s stated maximum
operating temperature of ‘x’ +5, −0°C for 60 min +10, −0 s, and all components shall not leak.

Product Code
Test Conducted
Conformity to Clause 9.2 of ATS 5200.103

H2-300-AUS The sample was subjected to a minimum hydrostatic pressure of 2.1 MPa (2100kPa) for a test period of 1 hour at a temperature of 23 ± 2°C
No leakage or other failure observed at the end of the test


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