VIPAC – Endurance Test Results

Clause 9.3 of ATS 5200.103:2004 – Endurance Test

All components shall be subjected to cyclic testing of 100 000 pressure cycles (10 000 cycles for disposable units) at a minimum pressure cycle frequency of 30 ±2 cycles/min at a temperature of 23 ±2°C and a minimum and maximum pressure range of 0 to 1034 kPa, with the following ratios in accordance with AS 3707:
(a) The ratio of the pressure rise/pressure fall rates 2:1
(b) The ‘on time’ (i.e., rise + dwell times), ‘off time’ (i.e., fall + dwell times). 1:1

Product Code
Test Conducted
Conformity to Clause 9.3 of ATS 5200.103

H2-300-AUS The sample was subjected to 100,000 cycles at a temperature of 23 ± 2°C with a minimum and maximum pressure range from 0 to 1034 kPa with the ratios as specified in AS 3707
No leakage or other failure observed at the end of the test


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