High Volume Users

International Beverage Manufacture Reduces Water Consumption

Headquartered strategically in Miami, Florida, American Beverage Depot operates four manufacturing lines at their state-of-the-art facility for the production and packaging of their beverages. Manufacture and marketer of four platforms of beverages: Premium Juices, Soft Drinks and Water. ABD also offers Co-Packing opportunities to customers, Providing from start to finish all the services needed to manufacture the product desired.

H2minusO Installer

Universal Plumbing Becomes Certified Installer

Universal Plumbing becomes NYC’s first certified Installer for H2MinusO. After successful installations for H2MinusO in Marriott and Thompson Hotels in NYC, we are proud to announce that Universal Plumbing has met all the challenges to installing in Occupied hotels in the City that never Sleeps. With more installations planned in the upcoming months, Universal Plumbing will be there. If you are interested in contacting Universal plumbing for your upcoming plumbing project contact 631.586.0600 or fill out there 24 hour contact for here


Car Wash Image

Car wash Saving 20%!

PRLog (Press Release) -  Nov. 1, 2012 - Brighton Car wash of Naperville, IL.

Brighton has made tremendous strives to reduce their demand on fossil fuels and let the thermal nuclear star in the sky do our heating needs also capitalized on new technologies that are available. The Brighton Team could have just sat back and Done nothing, but that’s not the philosophy at Brighton Car Wash & Detail Center.

The Brighton Team cares about you and our earth. “It’s time for a better car wash and a brighter “greener tomorrow” for us to leave behind. As you can imagine water consumption is under constant monitoring in the car wash industry. This is why Jason Morin, owner of the Brighton car wash, embraced the opportunity to reduce another one of the Earth’s precious commodities.

Working hand and hand, with Greenworks Energy Solutions, and their professional consultants The H2minusO Flow Management Device was installed and monitored on a daily basis. 

Here are the results of their product evaluation.

Pre H2minusO Gallons Per Car: 29.95
Post H2minusO Gallons Per Car: 23.26

A Savings of 22.5%




Texas HOA saves over $48,000 on water costs by implementing New Flow Management Device

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov. 1, 2012 - Greenway Concepts was contacted in September 2011 by PS Property Management Company, an HOA Management Company located in Austin,inquiring about money saving solution. Greenway Concepts always enjoys assisting our clients reduce their water bills. We really enjoy when we can save an entire HOA or Condo community full of growing families money on their water bills every month.

This HOA community, Colonial Place, was seeing water bills ranging from $20,000 to as high as $26,000 a month. Their HOA community located just
outside the city limits of Austin,TX, were not individually metered and serviced by the city water department. This left the HOA responsible for paying for the water bill on a monthly basis which was eating a large hole in their budget. With increasing rates for both water and wastewater, this was only going
to become more of a problem for the HOA.

After evaluating the situation for Colonial Place , and collecting the water bill usage history, we were confident that our exclusive H2MinusO Water Flow Management Device was exactly what this homeowner’s association needed. After quickly seeing our literature, and learning or our 10% water bill
savings guarantee, the community board of directors quickly realized the value in our amazing H2MinusO Water Flow Management Device  and how it would be a great investment in their HOA community.

Beer Brewery

Predominant Brewing Company in the U.S.A. Committed to Advancing Water Efficiency

Tracking water usage and beer production separately at each of their breweries. Using those numbers to calculate a weighted average for the company’s overall water-to-beer ratio. Individual breweries that make relatively large volumes of beer each year have a greater influence on the company wide ratio.

Sustainability requires brewing great beer while using less water in our processes. Three of this clients eight major breweries and parts of our agricultural supply chain are located in or near water-stressed regions, so they emphasize advancing water efficiency initiatives at these locations.The #2 brewing company in the US enjoys almost 30% of the domestic beer market has scheduled the installation of the H2minusO FMD to reduce water expenses and increase profitability.