How it Works


Every Drop Counts and Every Penny Effects Your Bottom Line

Your water travels through a maze of pipes and fixtures from your water providers distribution system to your facility or home. Through this maze your water will flow through many different size pipes and piping fixtures (elbows,T's,bypasses,shut off valves, etc...) generating friction or for lack of a better term impedance to the flow. This impedance (Friction) will generate a miniscule amount of air, visually in the form of a bubble. As the water flows through this system it experiences these various extreme conditions that also creates turbulence. Unfortunately, commercial water meters cannot effectively measure turbulent water, so they end up measuring too much and charging you for more than you have actually used.
That is where the H2minusO comes in our team will procure the data necessary for us to customize our product for your facility.By placing it just downstream of your water meter, it uses this miniscule amount of air in conjunction with its oscillation process to reduce the turbulence by breaking the air into smaller particles.This fragmentation process reduces the turbulence, allowing the water meter reading to be more accurate and correcting your billable consumption resulting in lower utility charges.