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Car wash Saving 20%!

PRLog (Press Release) -  Nov. 1, 2012 - Brighton Car wash of Naperville, IL.

Brighton has made tremendous strives to reduce their demand on fossil fuels and let the thermal nuclear star in the sky do our heating needs also capitalized on new technologies that are available. The Brighton Team could have just sat back and Done nothing, but that’s not the philosophy at Brighton Car Wash & Detail Center.

The Brighton Team cares about you and our earth. “It’s time for a better car wash and a brighter “greener tomorrow” for us to leave behind. As you can imagine water consumption is under constant monitoring in the car wash industry. This is why Jason Morin, owner of the Brighton car wash, embraced the opportunity to reduce another one of the Earth’s precious commodities.

Working hand and hand, with Greenworks Energy Solutions, and their professional consultants The H2minusO Flow Management Device was installed and monitored on a daily basis. 

Here are the results of their product evaluation.

Pre H2minusO Gallons Per Car: 29.95
Post H2minusO Gallons Per Car: 23.26

A Savings of 22.5%

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