What is the H2minusO ?

A Flow Management Device that uses Air in the Water Supply Lines to combat the Inefficiency of the Metering Device to provide you the Volume of Water your facility requires. By bringing Efficiency to your Supply and Demand requirements the H2minusO will help reduce your Metered Consumption.

The H2minusO Flow Management Device ( FMD ) uses a reverse flow of air to compress air that is entrapped in your water system.

This proprietary process will have a positive effect on stabilizing the flow entering your properties water circuit.

  • Essentially Acting as a “Shock Absorber” for incoming spikes of entrapped air caused by ruptures in your water providers circuit
  • Moderating current or seasonal High Water Pressure Conditions
  • Providing a truer water usage forecast and measurement
  • With any reverse in flow the H2minusO fundamentally acts as a secondary backflow device

Why do i need to “Manage My Flow” ?

Simply put Water Meters are not designed to handle Turbulence nor have they evolved with technology to correct this well documented inefficacy. The H2minusO Patent Pending Technology uses a Air Compression Process that provides you with a solution that addresses a multitude of Water Flow Issues. By creating a slight back pressure we have found a way to bring efficiency to this out dated device ( water meter ).
When using our process you will bring a multitude of benefits to a client:

  • Upgrade efficiency to Water Meter – Create a Laminar Flow for a more accurate reading
  • Yes there is Air in the Water Supply – However minimal this can be ( this will vary pending many factors ), when traveling through the Water Meter will be read as volume.
  • Customizing Flow from GPM to Water Pressure we can bring efficiency to your clients needs “ Supply and Demand” IE; Irrigation Heads, Washing Machines, Bottling Companies, etc… In manufacturing facilities the client will have Water Requirements for their expensive equipment, we can custom engineer the H2minusO to their needs bringing, Maximum Efficiency to their production.


But ” My Water Meter Is Special It Looks New And Shiny “

Dating as far back as the 1930’s it is well documented that turbulence will cause erratic misreads ( false measurements ) of volume being recorded by Water Meters. As our Water Systems Supply and Demand increases, what was once considered ” negligibly small.” is no longer acceptable. As Water and Sewer Rates have skyrocketed over the recent years every drop literally counts.

“The non-ideal condition is any of the infinitude of conditions where the upstream piping  conditions  produce   pipe flow  distributions  that differ  from those associated with  fully  developed  flow. These non-ideal  pipe flows can significantly affect the flowmeter  performance.”


Flow meters were tested under a variety of conditions to determine potential errors in flow rate measurements due to excessive turbulence in the water. Relatively large errors occurred for all meters under turbulence caused by a partially closed butterfly valve.”




“ Your company is claiming there is 10-30% entrained air in the lines”

NO, we are not making any claims concerning the percentage of entrained air in the water system. As water providers are constantly working to regulate and control entrained air in your water system. It is the dynamic of flow and velocity plus the air content that allows the H2minusO to bring efficiency to your facility.


Air-in-Pipelines HRW Report

Air in Pipelines Report by HR Wallingford

HR Wallingford has a 60 year track record of achievement in applied research and specialist consultancy. We have a unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities including state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of computational modelling tools and, above all expert staff with world-renowned skills and experience

Our H2minusO Flow Management Device ( FMD ) uses the flow of water to self-perpetuate our proprietary oscillation assembly.

The oscillation assembly will create a compression process. This process will generate a reverse in the Air’s flow. This air will then compile into compacted state. The continuation of this process will alter the air from a slight compacted state to a compressed state. When the air is in a compressed state it will then resume travel through with the water meter and pass through our device.

Every H2minusO Flow Management Device ( FMD ) is custom engineered to the specifications of the existing water system.

 By filling out our simple Site Evaluation Form and providing the data that it requires. Our Team can Guarantee A Savings on your Water Consumption. Our products are MADE IN THE USA and we only use materials that are Certified or ISE – Industry Standard Equivalent to our clients industry. The types of material used may vary during the engineering process to conform to your specific Industry Standard Equivalent.